Redding Zen Current Calendar

Rev. Helen Cummings, Prior and Chief Priest of Redding Zen Buddhist Priory, is currently recovering from hip replacement surgery.  She very much appreciates the offerings of merit as well as all the help and support she is receiving daily.  She has a physical therapist visit the Priory weekly at least through March 19 when she has her 6 week post-op meeting with Dr. Shafer.  The Priory meditation schedule, as well as the Tuesday and Thursday Dharma classes, are currently on hold til after that meeting.

However, currently, Sunday ceremonies ARE OFFERED on Zoom each Sunday at 11:00am Pacific Daylight Time.  Please contact Rev. Helen at if you would like to attend.

Once Rev. Helen receives medical clearance, we will return to in person meditation, as well as ZOOM classes.  We will also continue to offer Meditation Instruction, Meditation Tune-up Mornings, a retreat or other events, also via ZOOM

We can schedule in-person sanzen – spiritual counseling – conversations as well as weddings, funerals and memorials, and house blessings.

With gratitude and appreciation, Rev. Helen


Please email Rev. Helen at 
for information or with any questions you might have
about the upcoming Priory schedule.


Redding Zen Priory is supported entirely by donations.  
Your donations of training, time and financial support
are gratefully appreciated.