Redding Zen Current Calendar

Redding Zen Buddhist Priory Current Schedule

Meditation at 6:30am followed by Short Morning Service
Meditation at 5:30pm.

On  Thursday, January 17, we will explore the wanderings and practices that Guatama explored in his quest for Enlightenment, and well as his Enlightenment and the Turning of the Wheel Sutra.  The class meets after the 5:30 meditation period and goes  from 6:00pm to 7:pm.

On  Friday, January 18, we will explore the Second Great Precept – Do Not TakeThat Which Is Not Freely Given.  The class meets after the 5:30 meditation period and goes  from 6:00pm to 7:pm.

On Saturday, January 19,we will have a Retreat Dayfrom 8am to 2pm.
9:00         Meditation
9:30         Walking Meditation
9:40         Questions
10:00       Meditation
10:30       Mid Morning Ceremony
10:40       Questions
11:00        Meditation (silent)
11:30        Dharma Talk
11:50        Meal Preparation
12:00        Formal Lunch eaten together in silence
12:30        Clean-up
Outside informal meditation
Individual practice or Spiritual Counseling
1:00          Dharma Discussion
1:30          Meditation
1:45          Closing Ceremony
1:55          Conclusion

On Saturday, January 26,we will have a Working Meditation Morning starting at 9am after Meditation and Morning Service at 8am.

Meditation is at 10:30am followed by a Ceremony and a Dharma Talk

On Sunday, January 20, we will have a Memorial for our pets and for all animals who died over the past year.

On Sunday, January 27, we will have the Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

The Priory is closed on Monday.

Please email Rev. Helen at for information or with any questions you might have about the upcoming Priory schedule.