Redding Zen Current Calendar

Redding Zen Buddhist Priory Current Schedule
*TUESDAY – Meditation at 5:30pm
The Priory is otherwise closed on Tuesday.
Meditation at 6:30am followed by Short Morning Service
Meditation at 5:30pm.


Rev. Master Meian Elbert, Abbess of Shasta Abbey in Mount Shasta, will offer a public talk on Friday, February 14, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Center for Spiritual Living, 1905 Hartnell Avenue, Redding, CA.  Rev. Meian was ordained in 1977 by, and received Dharma Transmission in 1979 from, Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett in the Soto Zen (Serene Reflection Meditation Tradition. She has trained at Shasta Abbey for more than 40 years.  Rev. Meian will offer her perspectives on Serene Reflection Meditation and on Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett’s legacy in the West.  She will take questions about Buddhist practice and Serene Reflection Meditation.  She will also let attendees know about Shasta Abbey and Redding Zen Buddhist Priory.  Dana offerings are appreciated.


On Saturday, February 1, we will have meditation at 8am, Short Morning Service at 8:30am and Coffee and Questions from 9am to 10am.

On Saturday, February 8, we will have meditation at 8am, Short Morning Service at 8:30am and then 91 minutes of Working Meditation from 9am to 10:31am.

On Saturday, February 15, we will have a half-day Retreat given by Rev. Master Meian Elbert, Abbess of Shasta Abbey, on The Precepts and What It Means to Take Them from 8:00am to 12:30pm.  More details will be provided soon.  Please contact Rev. Helen at reddingzen@gmail.comif you are interested in attending.

On Saturday, February 22, we will have a Meditation Tune-up Morning:
9:00am.     Meditation
9:30           Walking Meditation
9:40           Your questions
10:00am.   Meditation
10:30         Walking Meditation
10:40         Your questions
11:00am.   Meditation
11:30         Walking Meditation
11:40         Your questions
Noon         Conclusion

On Saturday, February 29, we will have Leap-Year Coffee and Questions from 9am to 10am.  The morning starts with meditation at 8am followed by Short Morning Service at 8:30am.

Saturday, March 7, we will have a Morning with Rev. Ando Mueller, Chief Precentor at Shasta Abbey, on Ceremonial:  Chanting our Scriptures and Sounding Bells and Gongs. We will start with Meditation at 9:00am.  Rev. Ando’s hands-on presentation will begin at 10:00am and go til 12:30pm.  She will offer her teaching on Rev. Master Jiyu’s ceremonial legacy, as well as give us opportunities to go over our Morning Service scriptures and other scriptures and invocations we sing here at the Priory.   Please contact Rev. Helen at if you are interested in attending. 

Meditation is at 10:30am followed by a Ceremony and a Dharma Talk.

On Sunday, January 26, we will have the Blessings of the Nation Ceremony

On Sunday, February 2, we will have a Meditation Sunday

On Sunday, February 9, we will have a Precepts Ceremony

On Sunday, February 16, we will have a Transfer of Merit Ceremony

On Sunday, February 23, we will have the Festival of Buddha’s Parinirvana –Buddha’s entry into Eternal Meditation – Buddha’s death


Please email Rev. Helen at for information or with any questions you might have about the upcoming Priory schedule.