About Us

The unsurpassed, penetrating, and perfect Truth
is seldom met with, even in a hundred thousand myriad kalpas.  
Now we can see and hear it.  
We can remember and accept it.
 I vow to make the Buddha’s Truth one with myself. 
The Traditional Lecture Verse

Redding Zen Buddhist Priory is a place of quiet meditation
in downtown Redding, California, USA.  
It follows the tradition of Serene Reflection Meditation – Soto Zen.  
The teaching and our practice emphasize meditation, guiding our lives
by the moral Precepts of Buddhism, awakening the heart of compassion, and expressing it through selfless activity in everyday life.

Redding Zen Buddhist Priory
Quiet Meditation.  Zen Teaching.  Buddhist Practice in downtown Redding.

To protect the health of our Sangha and to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and its variants, Redding Zen Buddhist Priory building is gradually re-opening.

Please join us for in-person meditation at the Priory on Tuesday through Friday mornings at 6:30am and on Wednesday and Friday afternoons at 5:30pm.

Please join us via ZOOM on Tuesdays at 6:00pm for a Dharma Conversation that focuses on Great Master Dogen’s Genjo Koan (The Koan of Daily Life).

Please join us via ZOOM on Thursdays at 6:00pm for a Dharma Questions and Conversation that explores the challenges and concerns we face in our meditation and other aspects of our practice.

We also meet via ZOOM on Sundays at 11:00am for a Ceremony, Dharma Talk and Dharma Discussion.  Please let me know if you’d like to participate in these sessions. 

At least once a month on Saturday we have Meditation Instruction, or a Meditation Tune-up Morning, a retreat or other event, also via ZOOM

Feel free to call or email me with any questions or requests for Transfer of Merit you may have.  We can schedule in-person sanzen – spiritual counseling -conversations as well as weddings, funerals and memorials, and house blessings. 

When approaching the Priory please do so with the mind of mediation. 

Please to choose another time to visit the Priory if you’ve been in contact with someone who has COVID, or if you’ve experienced symptoms including high fever yourself, or you are not feeling well for any reason.

Please take good care of yourselves, including getting vaccinations and boosters.  We have the opportunity to offer merit and compassion to those in our family, friends and all those we encounter in our days.  May we continue to offer responsible fearlessness to our world.

The Priory is a temple of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (OBC), an international Buddhist Order, whose North America office is at Shasta Abbey located in Mt. Shasta, California. The Founder of both OBC and Shasta Abbey is Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett.  The Priory was established in 2018. It offers a regular schedule of meditation, Dharma classes, Buddhist services, and retreats, as well as spiritual guidance. It also offers meditation instruction and workshops for beginners. There are no fees for participating in above activities or any other services that the Priory offers. The Prior of the temple is Rev. Helen Cummings  a grand-disciple of Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett. Rev. Helen trained at Shasta Abbey for 20 years.

Like other affiliated temples of OBC, the Priory is financially independent; we are supported entirely by donations of our congregation and friends.
Generosity makes the heart grow brighter. There is no charge for Priory attending events – meditation, retreats, classes, spiritual guidance, weddings, funerals or memorials.  Please keep in mind, though, that we do pay rent for our lovely Priory building and are responsible for the normals costs of running a household.  Donations – financial,  in-kind, professional services, or help in maintaining the Priory are greatly appreciated.

The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives and the Redding Zen Buddhist Priory are committed to providing a safe and ethical environment in which all may practice. We expect that we, and those who come through our doors, will treat others preceptually and with respect. We value the harmony of the sangha, and wish to address any concerns that may arise about possible unethical or inappropriate behavior. If you should have such a concern, you should feel free to discuss it with Rev. Helen or any senior member or lay minister of the Order. OBC contact information can be found on the OBC website.