There is no need to be concerned about how small the gift may be
so long as it brings True results for,
even if it is only a single phrase or a verse of the teaching,

it may be a seed to bring forth 
good fruit
both now and in the future.
Great Master Dogen The Shushogi


From the time of the Buddha, a relationship of dana (generosity of spirit), mutual aid and trust has endured between the laity and the monastic members of the Buddhist Sangha. This reciprocal respect and kindness and depth of commitment to help each other is what enables Buddhism to survive and grow. We are deeply grateful for your kindness and generosity of all kinds in helping us to maintain this place of training.

Redding Zen Buddhist Priory is supported entirely by dana. If you would like to help support us by

-sending a donation by check please feel free to mail – made out to Redding Zen – to it to Redding Zen Buddhist Priory, 1190 South Street, Redding CA. 96001,

-set up automatic payments from your bank directly into the Redding Zen Buddhist Priory bank account.  If you are interested in setting up a regular offering, please contact Rev. Helen ( to make arrangements.

-donate through PayPal

Redding Zen currently operates under the auspices of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives’ 501C-3 and all donations are tax deductible under the United States tax code. We are deeply grateful for your support.

You may also make in-kind donations of food or materials, or of practical help including offering general work or professional skills.  Offerings of time, skill, and labor are offerings of dana, too. There are many opportunities to contribute your expertise in completing special projects and with ongoing needs.  Offerings of office, cleaning, and garden supplies are gratefully received.

Since the time of the Buddha, the lay Sangha has offered food to monks.  Expanding your kitchen to include Redding Zen Buddhist Priory can take many forms. You can offer some of the many staples that are part of a nutritional meal. You can help either cooking a meal, or some part of it. This is often done as a memorial for a loved one. When you do your weekly shopping think kindly of the Priory, and possibly get a second of something to bring by. Whether a piece of fruit, a sack of potatoes or an entire meal food offerings are deeply appreciated as wonderful expressions of dana.

When one is identified with the food one eats,
one is identified with the whole universe;

when we are one with the whole universe
we are one with the food we eat …

the whole universe and a meal are identical in quality.
Dogen Meal-time Regulations