Alms List – or what can I bring to the Priory?

Rev. Helen, the kitties, and the many birds that surround the Priory are especially grateful for your kindness and generosity
in this challenging time.
You are welcome to leave your offerings in the basket
by the shoe racks on the Priory porch.
Currently, we would appreciate:
 Kirkland Kibble for cats (orange or purple bag)
or other Cat Kibble
Birdseed and Suet Squares for birds
USPS Stamps – Domestic or International
Ground Coffee
Teas – black, green, herbal
Seasonal vegetables and fruits
The odd treat

There is no way that the Dharma can survive as a living principle
unless it can be offered and received as a gift,
in an atmosphere where mutual compassion and concern are the medium of exchange,
and purity of heart is the bottom line.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu  The Economy of Gifts